Daniel Karski

Daniel Karski

Front-End Software Engineer


My biggest passion is programming. I have gained the most experience in web application development. I have decided to escalate my knowledge in the Javascript area. The reason I have chosen it is that this way of solving business problems brings me a lot of satisfaction.

Professional Experience

Front-end Engineer Mudita


    Front-end Engineer Polidea

    04.2019 - 06.2020

    • Provided a content management system to Polidea website
    • Application development with the use of React
    • Implemented module to recreate and create string query in UI by use ohm lang Parser

    Front-end Engineer Connectmedica

    06.2017 - 02.2019

    • Application development with the use of Angular, WebSocket, GraphQL, ngrx
    • Creation of interactive canvas map with the use of Konva.js library
    • Creation of video call application with a use of Opentok (WebRTC)
    • Recruitment of developers

    Front-end Engineer Lingaro

    08.2016 - 03.2017

    • Application development with a use of TypeScript, Angular, Ionic, Cordova

    Front-End Developer Kodernia

    04.2016 – 07.2016

    • Plugin and library development with a use of JS, jQuery
    • Creation of landpage websites with a use of SCSS, JS, HTML

    Best Projects


    CEO, Full Stack Developer

    The application to help to match each other in the group of friends to exchange gifts on St. Nicholas’ Day. Developed project from every side: frontend, backend, architecture, CI, deploy. After that, responsibility for marketing and consulting in the design process. The project was started to broaden horizons so it’s a reason why I have decided not to use popular frameworks to generate API or any ready deployment solutions.


    API built with Node.js, Express, MongoDB that follows DDD + Clean Architecture principles. I assumed to create a model from writing unit tests.

    React UI

    Second version a UI written already with the use of Next.js with Typescript. The new version in addition to the new UI provided has been expanded to include a blog. Movement from SPA to server-side rendering helps website SEO.

    Angular UI

    First version UI wrote in the technology I know - Angular. Fastly UI developed was helps me to focus on understand tools and methodologies in the backend-side and deploy.

    Strapi CMS

    In the last time, a new area was discovered by me in the Javascript environment - CMS. I provided for the blog in the Luck content management system to easier manage and create content. I used the headless strapi library for this.


    Front Developer

    The recruitment task realized in Angular technology. In addition to technical skills, you can see the thought-out user interface and the was proposed unique design for a particular domain.

    Github Search

    Front Developer

    Recruitment Task. Like in the previous project this one was realized in Angular technology. UI and its functionalities were proposed by me.


    Working knowledge

    • javascript / ES7, typescript
    • angular, react, next.js, gatsby
    • graphql, axios
    • rxjs, lodash
    • redux, ngrx
    • strapi CMS
    • canvas, konva.js
    • ohmlang - js parser
    • webpack, babel, rollup, grunt
    • angular material, react material-ui
    • sccs, styled-components, styled-systems
    • storybook

    Basic knowledge

    • jQuery
    • angularjs
    • React Native, Ionic, Cordova
    • nginx
    • jenkins, gitlab, travis
    • docker
    • Node, Express, Mongoose